History doesn't repeat itself ... but it rhymes.

"T he Prophet of San Francisco" is the epic true-life historical tale of a great American visionary genius, deftly intertwined with the present-day story of a dazzling young star who rises above the mire of politics-as-usual and brings the vision to life.

More than a century ago, Henry George – influential journalist, bestselling author, and powerful social reformer – took America by storm with his brilliant solution to the problems of poverty, greed, and financial ruin. He was brought down in the prime of his life by the entrenched vested interests. But George's long-suppressed, all-but-forgotten remedy is the key to healing the economic disaster we face today.

Our contemporary hero, Joshua Bannon, is the man who revives and revitalizes George's path to prosperity. In a society torn asunder by the widening gap between rich and poor, he galvanizes the political landscape, unites the left and the right, inspires the young and the young-at-heart, and wages info-war on global market manipulators and the powers-that-be.

Drama, suspense, wisdom, surprise and romance – "The Prophet of San Francisco" has got it all. At once lyrical and gripping, as enlightening as it is entertaining, this movie will change your perspective forever – and it might just change the world.